Figure Skating or Ice Skating

Well I am stubborn. I insist on calling what I am talking about “figure skating”. Ice skating could be speed skating or just going in circles. Figure skating is doing jumps and spins and footwork, all choreographed to music. The basis of it was figures. Jumps are figures in the air. Footwork is pieces of figures all cut together.

The loss of figures caused a bunch of problems we are still trying to clean up – younger children doing harder jumps and getting to the Olympics. Which made us put in age limits. Chidren over-training jumps because they don’t have to pass figures tests to get to certain levels (causing more injuries). And the fact they don’t have the edge and body control from learning figures also leads to injuries. And also to jumps taking off the wrong edge.

I am an old curmudgeon. I want figures taught to everyone – even if not at the standard it would take to pass the tests. I want to bring back patch. I want to ban quads (I will settle for a limit on them) and focus on what a skater does on the ice – not in the air. I want a place for beautiful skating to succeed and be rewarded.

I want everyone to think long and hard before they re-use music that has been used by a famous/successful skater. Be your own skater. Don’t be a bad copy of someine else. I want less math and more passion.

I know I am not alone. But I definitely am swimming upstream.

4 thoughts on “Figure Skating or Ice Skating

  1. Ann
    Thank you so much for starting this conversation. I totally agree with you about figures. Taking the time and work to do things correctly are so important. As a low level adult figure skater I would love to be able to do patch.
    I love to watch skaters who can be smooth and artistic. The big jumps are exciting. But only a few are able to do the quads and be top quality at the rest of a program.
    Thank you!


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