In 1996, my friend, Antoinette, made me go to Nationals in San Jose. The evolution from that to where I am now is a LONG story. But let’s just say I dove in with my usual flair. I now help coaches with their schedules and bookkeeping; am the president of a club that I started in 2001; and volunteer all over the place. I am passionate about the sport. I am opionated. I have a terrible memory for everything but skaters. I am in Southern California – so my experience will not be the same at someone in Mids or the East Coast. I go to Governing Council most years. And have unpopular opinions there. I will be in San Jose for the whole time 2018 Nationals is running. Over New Years (let me get my list of why I hate the Olympics). I am involved in the local Interclub Association as well. I am registered as a coach – but I do not coach. Nor am I a Judge or accountant. So my opinions have no authority behind them at all. I have the freedom to say what I think (since I am not a judge or official). I listen to people who I respect because they have a history of success in the sport. I do not listen as well to those who are running the sport because they were good at accounting or running a company. This is one of my many flaws. I am very biased in my opinions. I am a hot head and have been known to lash out before I really think it through. You have been warned. Oh – I also have skated myself for….about 20 years or so. I don’t test or compete (ok – I did test to FS3 in ISI and did a couple of competitions). I started as an adult, and now my knees are pretty awful – so I have taken quite a while off. But I did get up to single flip and was even making fearful stabs at a lutz before my current hiatus. I ahve been the chair, registrar, practice ice monitor, and ice captain for many competitions. I have even done the dreaded Hospitality. I have been (and am again) a club president, test Chair and treasurer. I am on a commmittee at USFS and on a working group as well. So. I have seen the sport from many angles. For better or worse – I have just enough information to be dangerous.

Ask me anything.